Church and cemetery fees and rules

For every memorial that is fixed into a cemetery or churchyard a permit from the correct local authority has to be attained first. We carry out this paperwork on your behalf and we are able to advise you at the time of your order of the rules and regulations for the applicable cemetery or churchyard as they can vary from place to place.

In general a memorial that is to be placed in a churchyard must not be highly polished and must not be to dark or too white. Most cemeteries allow all granites and marble in all finished. Please see our section on memorials, materials and finishes.

Most Cemeteries require that the memorial is only fixed in place by a Memorial Mason and that the mason must have the correct qualifications to carry out the job. We are members of NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) and our fixers have their RQMF fixers liscences. see fixing memorials section

Our price for your new memorial includes both the permit application and the fixing of the memorial and all the fittings we use.
However the fee charged by the relevant authority in order for us to obtain the permit is an extra charge as it varies from one authority to the next, however this figure is always on your written estimate.

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