Fixing of memorials

All our memorials are fixed according to the regulations of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM). Our memorials are fixed using stainless steel dowels and a 3 foot regulations anchor pole which comply with the government health and saftey code BS8415. Our memorial fixers have the RQMF fixers liscence as well as many years of practical experience.

Memorial materials and finishes and lettering

We have a large selection of memorials in stock in our yard which can be viewed during our opening hours. Many of the granite colours can vary extensively and so if possible we do recommend visiting our yard in order to choose the exact memorial.

Memorials come in a two standard sizes, either 2’6” high on a 3” base. Or 2’3” high on a 3” base. Both sizes will fit 2 inscriptions but if you have a lot of wording a 2’6” memorial would be better. We also supply smaller upright memorials suitable for cremations or children, these come in various sizes dependent on the regulations of the cemetery or churchyard.

We are also able to make any bespoke design of memorial, subject to the approval of the cemetery or churchyard. Please contact us if you have a design in mind or call in to discuss.

Memorial materials
Today most memorials are made from granite and in cemeteries have a highly polished finish. In churchyards however the finish must be a honed finish and non-reflective.

We also supply and make memorials in Yorkstone, Portland stone, Nabresina and Carrera white marble. These stones are a softer more traditional material and the finish is non-reflective. All of which (apart from marble) are usually permitted in our local churchyards.

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